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“Phenomenal firm!  Not only are they very timely and efficient, the creativity needed for complex cases is unparalleled.  We spent nearly 5 years in litigation and cannot say enough great things about this firm.  They walked through blood, sweat and tears with us and our outcomes on all fronts were great.  The experienced attorneys in particular are well worth the penny.”


“I would recommend Heckenbach Law to anyone seeking the best legal council available. My lawyer through my divorce and custody is Brianne Henninger and she is amazing. Any lawyer that has gone up against her just looks incompetent and unprepared. Thanks Bri.”


“This firm is amazing. I had a horrible divorce that dragged on for 2 years because of Covid and my ex-wife. This team made her attorney look like a rookie but he had been practicing for over 30 years. Every time that we met with the judge or anyone from the court they always gave my attorney a big Thank You for having her stuff together and filled out properly… My step kids have more visitation with me than with their Mom. No maintenance and no child support even though she chooses to work for just above minimum wage. I still have no idea how my attorney did that.
I priced other attorneys and these folks were on the low end of pricing but I feel like I got a team that could have charged $1k an hour. Divorce sucks, don’t try it with a bad attorney.”


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